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Children's Challenge is a humanitarian outreach of CFC Sarasota. Our mission is to help orphans and at-risk children overcome their challenges with long-term solutions. We are established in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dominican Republic, India and Haiti. 

We have a proven history of partnering with existing non-profit organizations that have a successful and effective presence in these 3rd world nations.

Our goal is to provide:

1) Fresh Water
2) Food
3) Education

We have a history of success supporting children from Pre-Kindergarten all the way through High School... helping transform victims of circumstances into leaders in their communities and giving them a hope for the future. 

Over the last decade we have helped

- Build / Renovate 4 Different Orphanages 

- Drill 8 Fresh Water Wells 

- Provide a New Truck to deliver weekly supplies to the orphanages 

- Take teams of Doctors / Medical Pros on four separate occasions & provide 100’s pounds of medicine 

- Clothe, Educate & Care for 2000 Children

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